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What do you like to do for fun?

Quidditch, the flying-broomstick fantasy sport featured in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, is sweeping U.S. universities.  Students can choose it as an extracurricular (outside the regular duties of one’s job or profession) activity, just like other sports or clubs.

More interested in the great indoors?  VN’s Gaming studylist highlights the thrills and entertainment possible with just you, your television, and a game controller.


Nintendo has been around a long time, but their newest innovation (act of changing something established) is unlike anything else: a 3D handheld game console.




Civilization is a game that lets you create a world empire. Civilization V, the newest edition, features a better tactical (characterized by smart maneuvering) battles for enhanced gameplay.



Motion-activated controllers are the current big thing in video games, but the Kinect for Xbox has one-upped (gotten the better of) them all: your whole body becomes the controller!


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Vocablet of the Day: Cram

Focus, dedication, long nights spent cramming: these are the keys to success in any school — even a school for pop stars.

Study ‘cram‘ with VocabNetwork’s Never Stop Learning studylist.

It’s not easy to become a star, as students at K-Pop schools know well.  Their nights are filled with long hours of studying a subject intensively — and that subject is pop.

While most students are busy filling their heads with math, history, and science, students at a different kind of school are cramming another kind of material: dance steps and catchy lyrics.  Students at K-Pop schools in South Korea want to be stars, and they’re willing to work hard to make their dream a reality.

Every student knows what it’s like to cram for hours.  What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever spent cramming for an exam?

Study ‘cram‘!
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Vocablet of the Day: Miserable

Mean, irritable, joyless, unpleasant… What “bah, humbug!” literary character fits that description?

Study ‘miserable‘ NOW in VocabNetwork’s Difficult studylist.

With his grumbles and annoyance at Christmas and his mean-spiritedness toward everyone, Ebenezer Scrooge is one of literature’s most miserable people.

The grave of a miserable man.

When you call someone a “Scrooge,” you think they’re experiencing a serious lack of contentment or happiness.  Scrooge’s transformation in A Christmas Carol is remarkable because he changes from a grumpy, miserable man into someone who can laugh and appreciate life.

Have you ever known anyone who was always miserable, even to the point of making other people miserable as well?

Study ‘miserable‘!
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Vocablet of the Day: Departure

Charles de Gaulle Airport has hundreds of departures and arrivals every day — but one man’s departure took an exceptionally long time.

Study ‘departure‘ in VocabNetwork’s Air Travel studylist.

Mehran Karimi Nasseri took his time with his act of leaving from Charles de Gaulle Airport — almost twenty years!

Sleeping in airports is usually not very comfortable.

Sometimes, with delayed flights, long waits, and even longer lines, it can feel like you live in the departure lounge of your local airport.  Mehran Karimi Nasseri, however, actually knows what it’s like, having made an airport his home from 1988 to 2006.  His final departure from that place must have been a huge relief!

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve waited in an airport’s departure terminal?

Study ‘departure‘!
Add the departure-Mehran Karimi Nasseri Vocablet to a studylist of your own making, or start studying NOW with VocabNetwork’s Air Travel studylist.

Vocablet of the Day: Mania

Shoe mania!  Nike’s new shoe created a new customer base: ‘Back to the Future’ fans.

Study ‘mania‘ NOW in VocabNetwork’s I’m Your Biggest Fan! studylist.

You wouldn’t think that shoes could cause an excess of excitement or enthusiasm, but when the shoes are based on a hugely popular cult classic and made by Nike, that’s exactly what happened.

Sneaker enthusiasts and ‘Back to the Future’ fans were thrilled when Nike released a shoe based on the ones worn by Michael J. Fox’s character.  Nike’s decision to only make 1500 pairs of the shoe fueled the mania, with fans trying desperately to get their hands on a pair.

Would you have been a part of this movie-based shoe mania?  What kind of product release for fans would you be excited about?

Study ‘mania‘!
Add the mania-Nike Air McFly Vocablet to a studylist of your own, or get to studying right away with VocabNetwork’s I’m Your Biggest Fan! studylist.

Vocablet of the Day: Contingency

When most people think of emergency plans, they think of floods or blizzards or blackouts.  Some people, however, have plans for more spooky contingencies.

Study ‘contingency‘ NOW in VocabNetwork’s Keeping Safe studylist.

Some might say that preparing for a future zombie apocalypse is silly, but others might say that it’s smart to think of every possible event or occurrence or result.

Eeeek! Zombies!

Pop culture’s current interest in zombies has some people thinking about what they would do if the dead came back to life.  But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States are using this interest to promote public preparedness for natural disasters and other, less supernatural, contingencies.

Do you plan for contingencies like hurricanes or earthquakes?  Or do you have a zombie apocalypse plan?

Study ‘contingency‘!
Add the contingency-Zombie Apocalypse Vocablet to a studylist of your own, or start studying right away with VocabNetwork’s Keeping Safe studylist.

Vocablet of the Day: Debacle

There’s nothing worse than watching referees make bad calls when your favorite team is playing.  Unfortunately for NFL fans, that’s been happening far too often lately.

Study ‘debacle‘ in VocabNetwork’s Sports Rage Studylist.

Bad calls from temporary officials have led to frustration from players, coaches, and fans alike — turning every NFL game into a complete collapse or failure.

The NFL officials are on strike, which means there are substitutes taking their place.  The subs clearly don’t know what they’re doing, making bad calls and causing collective groans from football fans across the United States every Sunday.  When will the debacle end?

Remember the debacle when the player from Real Madrid dropped the Copa del Rey trophy in front of the team’s bus?  What other sports debacles can you remember?

Study ‘debacle‘ now!
Add the debacle-Replacement Refs Vocablet to a studylist, or start studying right away with VocabNetwork’s Sports Rage studylist.