Vocablet of the Day: Tautology

It’s vitally important to be concise and to the point in language, avoiding and eschewing unnecessary repetition and redundancy.  (If you think that sentence has something wrong with it, read on to find out why!)

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Clear language requires using as few words as possible to get your meaning across, avoiding needless saying of the same thing twice in different words.

'Prepay' means 'to pay in advance.' This sign is twice as long as it needs to be because it contains a tautology!

What do you think an ‘action sport’ would be?  Don’t all sports, by definition, involve action?  That’s why the term ‘action sports’ is a tautology — the same idea is expressed in the word ‘sports’ by itself.

“Short summary” and “necessary requirement” are two more examples of needlessly saying the same thing in different words.  Can you think of any others?  How many can you find in this post’s first sentence?

Study ‘tautology!’
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Vocablet of the Day: Traverse


Parkour: the sport that has people climbing the walls — literally!

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Will the feats of parkour experts help you remember that traverse means traveling across and through?

Check out the video below to see a demonstration of the meaning of traverse:

That practitioner of parkour traversed the urban landscape with ease.  The traverse-Parkour Vocablet highlights an amazing world-wide sport that is all about traveling across and through an area in the most efficient way possible.

Would you ever try to traverse an area in the style of parkour?  Do you think this qualifies as an extreme sport?

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