Vocablet of the Day: Aversion

There are a lot of strange and delicious foods out there, and one food truck is encouraging people to take their appetites to a place they’ve never been.

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Would you eat a bug?  If you’re from a Western culture, you probably have a feeling of intense dislike even thinking about it.

But one food truck is challenging this deep-seated aversion with delicious snacks made out of, yes, bugs.  Maybe this will make people question why they have an aversion to eating bugs when they can be a tasty and healthy food.

Do you think you’d eat a buggy snack?  What other foods do you have an aversion toward?

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Vocablet of the Day: Monetize

Are you a chocolate lover?  What would you do if it suddenly became difficult to find?

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These cocoa beans are actually seeds, found in large yellow cocoa pods.

Farmers need to be able to make money from their crops in order to keep their business growing, so it makes sense that they would choose to grow foods that are easy to convert into the form of money.

Even though chocolate is very popular, the farms that grow cocoa beans (the raw material for chocolate) don’t make much money.  What happens if a particular crop becomes difficult to monetize?  Farmers stop growing it!

Why do you think cocoa beans (or any kind of food) would be difficult to monetize?

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Vocablet of the Day: Delicacy

Trying out cheeses in Italy?  You might be surprised to learn how one of these celebrated local dishes is made.

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Sometimes, the strangest-seeming things can be delicious or highly prized items of food in other cultures.

What are these crawling things in my cheese?!

Casu Marzu, a signature cheese of Sardinia, Italy, is a delicacy that could gross out unsuspecting travelers.  The cheese is fermented and decomposing with the help of tiny maggots, making this unusual delicacy a gooey treat — for those who can stomach the idea.

The delicacy-Casu Marzu Vocablet highlights the unique Italian cheese that uses insect larvae to add a special texture that locals love.

Do you know of (or enjoy) any other strange — or kind of icky — delicacies?

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Vocablet of the Day: Soporific

Sometimes, not even an energy drink is enough to keep you awake — especially when there’s alcohol involved.

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These guys know all about alcohol's soporific effects.

The humorous image of some partygoers falling asleep with all their clothes on after a night of drinking is evidence of the fact that alcohol has a tendency to cause drowsiness or sleep.

College students looking to party late into the night mix alcohol with energy drinks to fight alcohol’s soporific effects.  However, even though they’re wide awake and not succumbing to the soporific alcohol, they need to remember that they’re still impaired.

The soporific-Energy Drinks Vocablet highlights the trend of partygoers to mix booze with energy drinks in hopes of dancing till the sun comes up.

Some say that warm milk also has soporific effects.  What other foods or beverages can you think of that could be called soporific?

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