Vocablet of the Day: Renewable

American football is known for being many things — competitive, brutal, exhilarating… and environmentally friendly?

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More and more organizations are moving toward environmental friendliness, choosing energy sources that are not permanently depleted when used.  The NFL is no exception.

Solar panels capture the sun's energy for us to use -- the ultimate renewable resource.

Harnessing sources of renewable energy, like solar and wind power, is one of the biggest ways to “go green.”  The NFL is trying to do its part for the environment by choosing these energy sources to power major sporting events.

Wind and solar power are only two sources of renewable energy.  Do you know of any others?  What would be an example of non-renewable energy?

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Vocablet of the Day: Debacle

There’s nothing worse than watching referees make bad calls when your favorite team is playing.  Unfortunately for NFL fans, that’s been happening far too often lately.

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Bad calls from temporary officials have led to frustration from players, coaches, and fans alike — turning every NFL game into a complete collapse or failure.

The NFL officials are on strike, which means there are substitutes taking their place.  The subs clearly don’t know what they’re doing, making bad calls and causing collective groans from football fans across the United States every Sunday.  When will the debacle end?

Remember the debacle when the player from Real Madrid dropped the Copa del Rey trophy in front of the team’s bus?  What other sports debacles can you remember?

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Language Matters: When In Doubt, Just Repeat Yourself

Baltimore Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh really loves football — so much, in fact, that he repeated the word nine times in thirty seconds:

There’s something to be admired in Harbaugh’s passion for the game — you know which one — but at a press conference, just throwing around the word that everyone is already talking about won’t win you many points.

This clip isn’t just poking fun at a football coach for his sparse vocabulary, however.

The repetition of the word allows the coach to talk for a while without saying anything meaningful or actually answering the question asked of him.  It’s not a graceful trick, but it works — and it’s used by politicians all the time.

Can you think of another instance where a public figure (sports coach, politician, celebrity, company CEO, etc) simply repeated a word or phrase to create a sound bite or to avoid answering a question?

Vocablet of the Day: Flagrant

Flagrant definition made memorable in VocabNetwork’s NFL Vocablet.  Today’s Vocablet features hard hits and questionable tactics.

Flagrant NFL Vocablet

Do you think there should be stronger penalties, like suspensions and fines, for conspicuously and outrageously reprehensible tackles?  Our flagrant (NFL) Vocablet highlights the issues the NFL must face in regulating a sport that is violent by nature.  How far should they go to ensure players don’t get seriously injured?

The NFL is serious about this.  ESPN has reported that three players were given huge fines totaling $175,000 for their overly aggressive and irresponsible hits.

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Have you experienced an outrageous, flagrant attack?  outside of football?  Describe a situation and help make the meaning of ‘flagrant’ memorable for us all.