What’s HOT studylist: Lady Gaga

Little Monsters (as Gaga calls her fans) have reason to celebrate — today, the pop star turns 26.

In tribute, this week’s What’s HOT studylist is all about Lady Gaga — her bold, eccentric fashion choices, the controversy surrounding that bizarre raw meat dress, her atypical ways of performing and connecting to fans, and more.

Check back next week for another HOT studylist, making vocabulary memorable for you.

Vocablet of the Day: Vain

Today’s Vocablet features a face you might recognize and a word that only she would proudly ascribe to herself:

The vain (Lady Gaga) is about Lady Gaga, that fabulous and unpredictable pop star who is well-known for her unconventional style and even wrote a song called “Vanity” about her pride in her appearance.

Related words: egocentric

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