Studylist of the Week: What People Will Do

People do crazy things.

We wage war, win Olympic medals, find cures for diseases, jump out of airplanes, and dive beneath the oceans.  We are capable of such strong compassion and love, but we also have the ability to create unthinkable hatred and violence.

The history of humanity is full of stories of the bizarre, misguided, amazing, tragic, shocking, inspiring, and sometimes just plain weird things that human beings are capable of.

The What People Will Do studylist highlights some of these stories.


While tattoos aren’t that uncommon anymore, Lucky Diamond Rich has taken body art to an extreme level.

He has a preponderance (the majority) of his body tattooed, with over 99.9% of his skin covered in ink, even his eyelids and the insides of his ears!



An Afghan girl was mutilated (part of the body destroyed causing injury and spoiling its appearance) by her husband, a Taliban fighter, when she tried to run away.

While she has recently been given a new prosthetic nose, her story brings to light the dangers faced by women in the Middle East.


Eskil Ronningsbakken has put circus tightrope walkers to shame with this incredible feat.

Suspended 1,000 meters over a Norwegian fjord (long narrow coastal inlet with steep sides), balancing on a rope while upside down on a bicycle!


People have been known to eat weird things — brains, hair, even other people.

None of this compares to Michel Lotito, who has the unique ability to consume (eat or drink) up to two pounds of glass and metal per day!


Do you have any unusual talents or abilities?  Have you ever achieved something that other people would think was crazy?