Vocablet of the Day: Confide in

When you need someone to talk to, you might turn to your best friend.  Who cares if that friend isn’t human?

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Animal friends are always supportive and never judgmental, making them the perfect listeners to tell about a private matter while trusting them not to repeat it to others.

Pet owners know that a loving animal companion can make hard times easier to bear.  As an added benefit, when you confide in a friendly dog, you know your secrets will never be revealed!

It may seem silly to confide in an animal who doesn’t understand your words, but those who work with therapy dogs know that talking through problems is helpful, even if the “person” you’re talking to can’t talk back.  Do you confide in your pets?

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Vocablet of the Day: Got Wind

Ever tried to keep a secret, but somehow it got out?  How did you handle it?

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When looking for a new job, it’s best to be a little secretive about it at your current job.  But what do you do if your boss became aware of your job search?

It’s a tricky situation: you’re looking for work somewhere else and your boss got wind of your activities.  Do you confess or deny it?

If you were planning a surprise for your spouse and he or she got wind of it, how do you handle it?  What other situations would be ruined if someone got wind of what you were doing?

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Vocablet of the Day: Commute

Many people already spend hours driving to and from work each day, but money problems and broken-down roads might make the problem worse.

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With more and more time spent in traffic, Americans are understandably wary of anything that might lengthen their regular journey to and from their place of work.

Unfortunately, many Americans might have to find a new route for their daily commute.  Many cities are debating demolishing old freeways that would cost too much to repair, forcing workers to find other streets for their commute to work.

The commute-U.S. Freeways Vocablet highlights the financial problems of many U.S. cities, leaving them with no options but to destroy their main traffic thoroughfares.

How long is your commute?  Do you use a freeway or smaller roads?

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